ALUF PLASTICS – Can Liners and custom bags
BETTER BRUSH PRODUCTS – Brushes, brooms, rotary brushes, complete line of cleaning tools and products
BIG D INDUSTRIES – The industry’s most complete line of Odor Control Solutions
CHASE PRODUCTS – aerosol institutional cleaning products, insecticides, deodorizers, metered aerosols, bench maintenance, field / pavement marking paints
CLEANCORE SOLUTIONS – the Aqueous Ozone devices are recognized by the EPA to clean, deodorize, and sanitize
CLEAN MAX – Complete line of upright vacuum cleaners, wide area vacuum
DELTA INDUSTRIES – Trigger sprayers and bottles
EXPANDED TECHNOLOGIES – Floor savers for chair legs, doorstops, & more
GREEN KLEAN – Vacuum Bags & Filters, Chlorinated Disinfecting Tablets, Electrostatic Sprayers and GONE Odor Eliminator
INOPAK –Complete hand care product line, liquids, gels, foams
INSPIRED TECHNOLOGIES – Air purification and sanitization systems
HLS COMMERCIAL PRODUCTS – decorative line of stainless steel trash cans
MERCURY FLOOR EQUIPMENT – Full Line of Cleaning Equipment
NACECARE SOLUTIONS – Full line of cleaning equipment
NORTON PROFESSIONAL – Floor pads, sand screens, floor maintenance items
SANDIA – Carpet extractors, spotters, back pack vacuums, air movers
VANGUARD INTERNATIONAL – Disposable gloves, hair nets, bouffants, other PPE items
VICTORY ELECTROSTATIC SPRAYERS – the future of chemical application & disinfection
WHISK PRODUCTS – complete handcare line of soaps and dispensing units

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